Entrusted to several public production units (communal nurseries in Saint-Denis, La Possession and Le Port) and to a private nurseryman, the main principles that underlie the production of individuals of native species are as follows:

Respect for traceability: Each seed lot transmitted for sowing is carefully identified and isolated from other lots. This monitoring continues during the repotting and each plant present on the production site and eventually reintroduced in a natural environment, can be connected to a particular harvest and to a single mother foot.

Adaptation of the plants to the future planting site. The production site thus offers climatic conditions close to those of the future location, with sunshine and high temperatures. Also, the various production units are distributed according to an altitudinal gradient which tries to represent as much as the one found on the zones of intervention.

The plants are “weaned” for at least 3 months, that is to say that watering is gradually decreased in order to accustom the plant to difficult water conditions (similar to those found in the wild) and thus to limit mortality if it does not rain at the time of planting and in the days that follow.